Pear Shape – A.E.I.O.U.

Sydney four-piece Pear Shape are following up their success with carbonated pop number ‘The Coca Cola Kid‘, with their new vowel themed song ‘A.E.I.O.U.’.

Full of catchy grooves and killer jangly guitar tones, ‘A.E.I.O.U.’ is more of the same uptempo fun music that Pear Shape are fast becoming renowned for. The chorus has a fantastic build, with harmonies to die for,  and that one electrifying pattern that hooks me in with every listen. Its another track of indie pop goodness, from a band that is rapidly staking its claim in the Aussie music scene with their playful and energetic live sets. Plus they give out free pears at their gigs – cool and thoughtful. Its also good to see that somebody else other than Kim Kardashian is praising the return of the Pear Shape.

If you have enjoyed both of Pear Shape’s releases, there is more, so be sure to check out the bands self-titled EP on Bandcamp.

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