Palms – Love

Palms is a Sydney band formed from the ashes of Red Riders, and they have just released a new song called ‘Love‘, the perfect follow up to ‘Summer is Done With Us‘.

Strangely enough, ‘Love’ is about love, and weaves its way through the topic backed by some plucky bass and the wailing vocals of Al Grigg. It possesses a real retro vibe to it, and I think this is largely due to the rawness of all sounds involved. I think this rawness also enables the listen to feel the emotion in ‘Love’ that gets lost in some love songs.  The other great thing about ‘Love’ is that after one listen you can sing along to it. Its simple and come their live shows I’m sure that the crowd will be wailing with them, and perhaps the slightly drunker emotional ones will be having a teary in the corner.

Overall, ‘Love’ is an awesome new song for Palms, and it shows that swapping Vietnamese food for recording time doesn’t damage the end product. In fact, quite the contrary.


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