Minus House – Animals

Animals‘ is the new track by Sydney four-piece outfit Minus House that is sure to feature on almost everybody’s party playlists in the coming months.

‘Animals’ is one of those songs that is really hard to pinpoint where it fits into the musical spectrum. Its a little low-fi, a touch dance, a tad indie, and the change from the simple, to slightly off key beat does add a highly experimental aspect to ‘Animals’. There are definitely similarities between the sound Minus House are producing and the kind of sound that has catapulted the XX into music stardom.  Like the XX, the highly diverse and thoroughly enjoyable nature of  the track appeals to almost every group in the masses, but Minus House manage to deliver a track that has a little more oomph. It also perhaps fades into the Radiohead category with its tough mood altering feel, that is still blissfully enjoyable. I personally love this song, it just captures this laid back, secretly adventurous vibe that no other band has come near in a while.

In short, it’s cool, so be sure to check it out.


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