San Cisco – Wild Things

Everybody’s favourite WA indie pop party starters San Cisco are back with a new song called ‘Wild Things‘.

‘Wild Things’ has a number of similarities to the tracks ‘Awkward’ and ‘Rocketship’ that bought San Cisco such popularity, with the same fun loving vibe, homemade hand-clap percussion and catchy whistling.  Verging on psychedelic, and a little dirtier than anything on their first two EPs, ‘Wild Things’ shows some shades of Vampire Weekend, but keeps that characteristically enjoyable San Cisco male/female vocal ensemble of Jordi Davieson and Scarlett Stevens.  Whilst the crux of their sound has morphed slightly, its also good to see that the fun vibe of music that San Cisco produced, hasn’t changed one bit, despite the “do-dos” being replaced with “la-la’s”. In fact if anything, ‘Wild Things’ really adds an extra aspect of psychedelic relaxed-ness to it, that may see them appeal more to the adult market.

Regardless, I’m just glad San Cisco have a new tune out for me to enjoy. Check it out below.

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