Ball Park Music – Surrender

No longer the new kids on the block, indie powerhouse Ball Park Music have just released their second album ‘Museum‘  featuring the lead single ‘Surrender‘.

‘Surrender’ has been around for a couple of months now, but its ear inspiring effects are yet to wear off me. Drenched with soul soaking harmonies and a care free vibe it is the kind of song that you can strut down the sidewalk to, tap your fingers on the steering wheel to, and is guaranteed to bring a small smile as your head leans against the glass of the bus window. The other standout feature of ‘Surrender’ is the eclectic mix of beats. Singer Sam Cromack pointed that the eclectic mix of beats came from listening to a lot of hip hop, and was an aspect they really wanted to incorporate into their next record. The results speak for themselves, with ‘Surrender’ being a whimsical indie pop listen that just melts away at you.

‘Museum’ was released yesterday so be sure to head over to iTunes or your local record store to get your hands on it!

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