Gig Review – The Griswolds at The Workers Club

It was a Friday night, perfect weather (for once) in Melbourne and the perfect opportunity to go out for a few drinks and an awesome gig. I knew from the outset The Griswolds gig was going to be a good night out.

The Griswolds have come a long way, with the five Sydney lads just having released their debut EP ‘Heart of a Lion’, wining Triple J Unearthed and getting to play at Parklife, becoming Triple J Unearthed’s feature artists and they have been receiving glowing reviews left right and centre! (Including flattering reviews from us.) All of these achievements definitely had my bar of expectation up high, and I was looking forward to seeing the boys rock it out whilst dressed in floral pants and tie-dye shirts.

I got to Workers Club at about 9:00pm, knowing that The Griswolds would hit the stage at about 10:00pm. I’d been to the Workers Club before, but on a different night so the atmosphere was unlike the experience I’d had before. With a few quaint areas to drink, it’s a charming venue. When it was time to watch The Griswolds do their thing on stage, I entered another room, where a forest setting was painted on the back wall of the stage, totally suiting The Griswolds’ style. To my disappointment there were no floral pants or tie-dye shirts to be seen, the boys seemingly dressed a bit classier for their Melbourne fans.

A pretty good crowd had showed up to watch, but there was still enough room to dance away, making a pleasant atmosphere. Lead singer Chris Whitehall kicked off the evening with ‘The Courtship of Summer Preasley’ and straight away a few people in the front started dancing erratically to the sweet beats. The Griswolds’ energy on stage was electric and never ceased throughout the entire performance. Whitehall’s vocals were next to perfect and he hit the high notes in their most well known song ‘Heart of a Lion’, easily. Guitarist Dan was wearing a pretty sick wolf t-shirt, but more importantly really nailed it on guitar, working well through each song, especially in ‘Red Tuxedo’ which is my favourite off of their new EP. The bass guitarist, drummer and synthist had equal energy and skills, which just made the entire performance more enjoyable. The last song, and their most well known one, ‘Heart of a Lion’ went off, with the audience singing along and dancing about. A sweet end to a sweet gig.

Aside to being talented musicians who can put on a good show, the other memorable thing from the night is that The Griswolds are also just really nice guys. They gave out multiple copies of their EP to the audience during the show, were happy to sign them and talked to fans afterwards too. I had the pleasure of meeting the passionate Sydney band, who as it turns out are a really fun and and awesome bunch.

The Griswolds will soon start their Heart of a Lion EP Launch Tour playing 19th of October in Sydney, 26th of October in Canberra, 27th of October in Newcastle, 1st of November in Brisbane, 2nd of November in Toowoomba and 17th of November in Melbourne. These are gigs you will not want to miss!


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