Cogel – Felusine

Sydney band Cogel have been one of my favourite new groups to appear on the music scene this year, and I am really excited about their new single ‘Felusine‘, complete with video.

I was first taken with Cogel because of their delicate vocals and beautiful way they blended indie rock and the classical sounds of the violin in ‘The Bug’. The thing that stands Cogel’s new track ‘Felusine’ aside from the plethora of other new bands is the way they are able to represent the full array of emotions in a song, challenging the textured tenderness of the vocals and violin with the hard hitting reality of the still melodic clashing drums. It is a track underpinned by tension, and somehow manages to tell a story that encompasses more than the vocals and sounds of the 4:30 the song runs for.  ‘Felusine’ is really the prefect backing tune for break up scenes in chick flicks – and if they were on the sound track, I could prehaps almost justify watching one. The film clip for this song is also freaking awesome and really showcases the intensity of the ‘Felusine’ appropriately.

With an EP near completion, expect to hear more from Cogel before the year is out.

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