Tinpan Orange- Barcelona

Tinpan Orange are an indie roots band hailing from Victoria who have produced some beautiful tunes lately (‘Flowers’, ‘Over the Sun’),  but the oldie remains ‘Barcelona‘ a firm favourite.

‘Barcelona’ is a song for people who love their harmonies. Tinpan Orange  manage to weave the through the vocal scale with some of the most delicate and poignant harmonies that I have heard in recent times. Backed by a fun pulsing rhythm and some precise acoustics work, Emily Lubitz’s vocals form a stunning centerpiece in this dreamy roots song. Its elegant, relaxed but keeps this element of quirky positiveness that creates a really fun vibe and only adds to the overall enjoyment of the track. Needless to say, I enjoyed it, and after multiple listens struggle to think of a situation when this song wouldn’t be a pleasant listen.

The only thing about Tinpan Orange that is frustrating – they played Sydney last week, and we didn’t realise. Here’s to hoping they come back soon!

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