Love Parade – Surfin’ NSW

Love Parade’s new single ‘Surfin’ NSW’ is a feel-good tune has been perfectly and appropriately timed to come out for the summer. Better grab your surfboards babes, it’s time to hit the beach. The boys from Sydney’s sweet new single is definitely worth a listen.

The raw vocals make up a rough sound that works really well with the jangly guitars and rockin’ drums. The husky harmonies give a chunkier and thicker sound to this new single and it’s definitely a song to take to the beach as it has that surf-rock feel to it, reminding me of The Sunnyboys.’Surfin’ NSW’ is Love Parade’s second single off their forthcoming debut album ‘King Me’.  Love Parade have been working with a range of star talent for their debut record such as producer Robert F. Cranny (Sarah Blasko), Jay Whalley (Frenzal Rhomb) and Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil). With such an accomplished team, Love Parade will be sure to bring some great tunes to the table with their debut album.

You can catch the four lads of Love Parade at the FBi Social at Kings Cross Hotel on the 10th of November in Sydney, so be sure to head on out there and give ‘em a good listen!

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