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Woollen Kits – Susanna


Based on latest single ‘Susanna‘, Woollen Kits are showing promising signs for their December due release of sophomore album ‘Four Girls‘.

There is so much to love about the raw 60s enthused influences of ‘Susanna’. In many ways its a return to the original foundations of indie rock, with the classic garage sounds, yet light enough to be distinguished from the heavy set rock n roll of  The Who and The Doors. Yet, Woollen Kits seem to add this additional summer surf vibe that takes the track to the next level. Woollen Kits keep it simple, but do the simple things ridiculously well in ‘Susanna’.The rippling guitar pattern throughout this track is insatiable, so catchy and cool, and when combined with the low key harmonies and steady state drumming creates a phenomenal little listen.

With their new album due out shortly, keep an eye and ear out for tour dates, as Woollen Kits are one band you should definitely catch live.


Gung Ho – Strangers


Brisbane’s premier two piece surf rock outfit referred to as Gung Ho, have a sweet new tune out called ‘Strangers‘.

‘Strangers’ is yet another undeniable surf rock gem from Gung Ho, displaying more outrageously catchy guitar hooks, and super tight beats. I love the sense of nostalgia the washed-out vocals of Mike McAlary brings to the track, and how this mixes with the upbeat jangly guitars to deliver the ultimate encapsulation of surf rock. Its carefree, fun and gets stuck in your head way too easily. An incredible third single from the guys, but the year isn’t over yet. Before releasing their debut EP ‘Anywhere Else’ at the start of 2013, Gung Ho are set to cap off a truly significant year with a handful of performances in December, including a slot at Peats Ridge Music Festival.

Based on these pre-EP successes, 2013 could be pretty interesting for Gung Ho.





Dick Diver – Alice

Dick Diver

Out of Melbourne comes the interestingly named Dick Diver, and their new relaxed indie tune, ‘Alice‘.

‘Alice’ is an addictive take on the average Aussie battler story. Its chilled, polite and just bounds along so happily and carefree with its mixture of catchy jangly guitar hooks and matter-of-fact vocals. I love the way this song manages to encompass so many little aspects of life, from toast, to goal setting, and the high price of chicken. Its one of those songs that everyone can relate to, and is delivered in such a humorous and fun living way that you cannot help but tap your toes, smile and let this warm infectious indie rock take over. A fantastic summer jam that is bound to get plenty of plays on those warm humid nights on the porch.

With the success of ‘Alice’ and their debut EP of the same name, watch out for their debut LP to be released next year. And maybe, get a little excited, because I think these guys could deliver something special.




Kathryn Rollins – Who Shot The Bird Down?


Fresh out of Fremantle, WA is the gorgeous Kathryn Rollins who has just released her debut single ‘Who Shot The Bird Down?‘.

Taken from her impending debut EP, due for release early next year, Kathryn Rollins showcases a pretty delicious husky voice in the single, and for the first 40 seconds had me thinking she was more of the Sarah Blasko peaceful singer/songwriter type. However, once the chorus kicks in with the thumping drums and stoic guitar riffs, it becomes clear this is not the case. It’s almost a Jekyll and Hyde type of song, so delicate and quiet to start and then totally rockified into a heavier little indie rock number. I have to admit, I loved the surprise and ‘Who Shot The Bird Down?’ has definitely grown on me further with every listen.

As a debut single, ‘Who Shot The Bird Down?’ should pigeonhole Kathryn Rollins as one to watch for 2013.

Super Magic Hats – Wind


Super Magic Hats is an experimental Melbourne producer who has been gaining notoriety with his genre defining blend of indie electo tunes, of which the latest is ‘Wind‘.

‘Wind’ is a pretty unusual song, but with so much intrigue, I admit I have grown to like it. It manages to combine a range of genres into this melodic upbeat little dance track. The guitar/banjo sound is very folky, there are some lo-fi looping harmonies, but it is all packaged into this clever indie electro tune. I admit there are times where it sounds like your CD player jammed, or that you’re playing super-mario again, but it never deviates from being easy on the ears and despite the busyness of the track, is strangely melodic.  It definitely grows on you and becomes pretty catchy.

With an EP due out early 2013, expect to hear a lot more from Super Magic Hats in the near future.


New Navy – Regular Town


After releasing one of the catchiest EPs of last year with ‘Uluwatu’, New Navy are back with a brand new single called ‘Regular Town‘.

After falling in love with the popular upbeat, calypso tinged tunes ‘Zimbabwe’ and ‘Tapioca’, its great to see New Navy enter back into the music foray. ‘Regular Town’ shows those same summery tropical shades, with some punchy work on the keys and  vocals teetering up the higher end of the scale. However, the cascading guitars have been majorly toned down, and instead New Navy are trying to nail that eclectic indie rock sound.It is also cool to note that touring frontman Luke O’Loughlin has officially joined the band permanently, and I for one am loving his warm melodic vocals.  With a basket of unusual percussion ‘Regular Town’ is a lot more reminiscent of Vampire Weekend, but I have to admit I quite like the new direction.

Hopefully this is the start of another exciting chapter for New Navy, with another EP or album not far away!


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