Gypsy’s Gift – The Fight

Gypsy’s Gift first caught our attention with the powerful track ‘Flowing‘. Now they have returned with an equally brilliant listen in ‘The Fight‘.

Gemma Ameera has to have one the most amazing voices going around. Its husky, clear and just so strong, it really hits the spot. Ably supported by the cascading chords of the acoustic guitar and gentle drum beats, ‘The Fight’ is one of those songs that just grabs you. It is rare that music these days has such passion and meaning behind it, but that is the other thing that really sets Gypsy’s Gift aside from the rest. Inspired by the desire to find the love in others and repel the many negatives of society, ‘The Fight’ is also a song that clearly has a purpose, and this passion really comes through both in the vocals and music. Its just a fantastic song that is bound to get many runs on the iPod.

Be sure to listen to ‘The Fight’ below and check out its cool video clip. These guys are talent.

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