Tara Simmons – Its Not Like We’re Trying To Move Mountains Album Review

Brisbane babe Tara Simmons is back! Her second album ‘It’s Not Like We’re Trying To Move Mountains’ is bound to make you sigh in listening-pleasure.

Tara’s album begins with the sexy single ‘Weekend of Hearts’, which has an awesome synth-pop beat to it. Tara’s voice is extremely unique and has a dreamy feel to it, similar to the likes of Lykke Li. Tara utilises beautiful harmonies throughout the album in tracks such as the single ‘Where Do You Go and Gone In The Night’. One of Tara Simmons’ edgier and riskier songs is ‘Love Attack’ providing the striking, pumping beats and necessary contrast to her slower, calmer songs such as ‘We’re All Scared’ and ‘Honey’. Both of these slower paced songs intertwine perfectly with Tara’s smooth vocals and in particular, Tara’s voice in ‘Honey’ is exceptional with Tara stating that the song is close to her heart, about a friend who you fear one day you may lose and will be utterly irreplaceable and that is something you can hear in the raw emotion in her voice. The guitar rocks it out in ‘Love Attack’ adding a new sound on the album and giving a great way to stand out against the keyboard. The album comes to a close with ‘End of May’, which is an upbeat, fun song to get you up and dancing to Tara’s uplifting voice.

Something so wonderful about this album is that each song has a different feel to it, yet they are perfectly adapted to fit many styles and will appeal to many different listeners. In short, Yanto Browning (The Jungle Giants, Kate Miller-Heidke, Art of Sleeping) and Tara Simmons produced these ten edgy tracks to perfection.

Tara Simmons is currently on her From The Mountains To The Sun Co-Headline Tour with Pluto Jonze. Her last stop is Melbourne on the 1st of November at The Workers Club. Tara’s individuality and gorgeous vocals are something worth checking out. So be sure to give It’s Not Like We’re Trying To Move Mountains a good, long, worthy listen.

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