The Aves – EP review ‘Anywhere Else’

Adelaide’s homegrown The Aves are releasing their new ‘Anywhere Else’ EP  and you should definitely get excited. Recorded in Brooklyn during The Aves’ international tour, this new EP will blow your socks off! (Probably your pants, too)

The Aves’ awesome garage pop sound is pretty rough, edgy and lots of fun. There’s a general feel-good vibe about the tunes on their EP, and their inspirations such as The Smiths and The Who can definitely be heard through their pumping, raw sound.

The EP starts off with the song ‘Lionel’ which is definitely an awesome opener with energetic guitar playing from Lucy Campbell and Thomas Williams and some sweet vocals too. ‘In Vogue’ is The Aves’ key track from their EP and there’s no surprise with the fun, upbeat tune really getting stuck in your head. The harmonies are also pretty spot on and fill up the track with awesome sound and quality, but The Aves’ have cleverly thought about their EP as a whole and the tune ‘Ordinary’ is slower, gentler listen with echoing and jangling guitars, raw vocals and lyrics that most people can relate to.

The Aves’ EP ‘Anywhere Else’ is available now in CD or digital format through Mirador Records and will be up on iTunes and Spotify by November 6.  The Aves have already had a launch in Adelaide, but will follow with a launch in Melbourne later this year. Definitely give these young guns a decent listen.


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