Cub Scouts – I Told You So EP Review

Brisbane indie/pop band Cub Scouts have released their debut EP ‘Told You So’, and the should-be-named Babe Scouts have struck gold with this melodic, refreshing and utterly charming EP.

The Cub Scouts were able to work with John Castle (The Boat People, Dan Parsons, Washington, The Cat Empire) who recorded and produced the EP, with his experience clearly having a glowing affect on the tracks and their sound. This 5-piece Triple J Unearthed gem-of-a-band have a lot of potential, and you’ll agree after a long listen to their debut EP.

As soon as the first second of ‘Evie’ reaches your ears, you know you’re in for a good time and a good listen. This fun, upbeat track will have you toe tapping along in no time. Tim Nelson’s vocals ooze an easy listening sound, intertwining with the thick sound of this fresh summer tune. ‘Told you so’ provides a cool keyboard melody from the baben Tim along with his airy vocals, producing a dreamy sound. The harmonies and long phrasing add to this vibe. The tone of the keyboard reminds me of the Mario games, enhancing a sense of nostalgia, which brings back the happiness of childhood. The Bubble O’ Bill ice cream in the ‘Told You So’ official video also plays with that nostalgia atmosphere (see link to the official video below). The guitars really shine in ‘Do You Hear’ with Andrew Williams absolutely killing it, the sweet guitar riff adding a great element to the track. The harmonies are also a striking factor, working well with the sounds and tune. The harmonies stand out the most in ‘Scream’, which is a slower track on the EP, the vocals echo in such a way that has a lasting impression on the ears. The lyrics also make a good impression, and it’s a song you’d want to spend listening to on a lazy, sunny afternoon. Tim definitely is a stand out with his airy, light vocals clearly evident in ‘Hands’ where his vocals are the focus. With the standout performance of his vocal range and ability in ‘Light Me Up’, which is a slower, gentler track with great sounds and beats integrated within it.

These five babes will be on tour this December. 7th of December in Brisbane, December 13th in Sydney, December 14th in Adelaide and December 15th in Melbourne.

The Cub Scouts, have got my heart on a string this week and you may suffer the same fate after listening to their debut EP. So do have a deep listen and see for yourself.

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