Shadowgame – ‘Desire’ EP review

There are three rockin’ lads from Melbourne, who make up the grungy, alternative rock band Shadowgame. And lucky thing they did, with their new debut EP ‘Desire’ being any rock fan’s dream. Grab your skateboard because Shadowgame are taking you for a ride.

For those rock newbies out there, ‘Desire’ is definitely a great place to start if you want to get into the rock music scene. Shadowgame’s music isn’t too harsh and has some really lovely melodic phrases within their songs, ‘Unicycle Heart’ for example, has a jangly and dreamy sound as Aryn Carkeet’s vocals edges the song along in a nice direction. ‘This Fire’ and ‘Desire’ on the other hand, are more grungier and go back to the rock roots. The second single off the EP is ‘Burn The Ground’ and is probably one of their key tracks. The harmonies and the heavily involved guitars on this track makes it one of the favourites and least forgettable. The drumming stands out in ‘Burn The Ground’ so big credit to Shane Evans as he rocks it out on the drums as well as contributing to those sweet harmonies. David Childs does an awesome job on the bass and this is fairly evident in ‘Restless’, the guitar riff in this one working a nice loop at the beginning. The use of melody in each track is really well executed and the hazy layers exposed in ‘Penny Drops’ makes it one of my favourite tracks on the EP. Aryn’s vocals are really pushed to the limits in this song, with him killing both the higher and lower range of his voice with his singing voice reminding me of Billie Joe Armstrong’s sweet vocals.

Shadowgame will be having their EP launch on the 17th of November in Prahran, Victoria so head down for a night of modern rock and a rockin’ grungy sound.


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