Briscoe – Friends Ago EP Review

Briscoe is a six-piece band from Sydney who already caught our attention with the jaw dropping indie single ‘Animal’. Now, Briscoe have just released their 8 track brand spanking new ‘Friends Ago’ EP.

I guess the most appropriate description of Briscoe would be “charming and fun indie without the unnecessary raucousness of so many other bands”. Not to say that Briscoe don’t rock out, one listen to the bouncy baselines of ‘Day Job’ and fast paced new single ‘B.O.T.S’ surely puts that claim to rest. Listening to ‘Seven of You’, its hard not to see some slight folk influences, but the electrified influence of the guitars helps this track plod along and keep that chilled indie vibe. The vocals by Bart Denaro are crystal clear and delivered with the appropriate mix of lethargy and skill to really cash in on the relaxed nature of their sounds. This is perhaps best shown in the minimalist ‘All I Need is A Holiday’. ‘The New Tragedy’ is perhaps one of my favourite tracks of the album purely because of the richness of the backing instrumentation, the way it steadily builds and the mind-bendingly sweet harmonies. In the same way as ‘Break My Word’, there is so much going on, but you aren’t distracted or put off by it. Instead, it provides quite a complete and warming sound for the ears.

Briscoe are the kind of band that are making stripped back indie uber-cool again. Showing shades of Wilco, they steadily build sounds throughout their tracks to create a tapestry of low-fi indie rock that is toe tappingly brilliant. Have a closer inspection of Briscoe and give these guys a good listen, they will be a big thing come 2013.


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