Tully on Tully – Naked

Melbourne band Tully on Tully have returned to the radios with a fresh single called ‘Tully on Tully – Naked’ that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Underpinned by this fantastic earthy percussion, deep piano and the heavenly vocals of Natalie Foster, ‘Naked’ is a song that just sticks in your head. The crux of the song has to be the takeoff of Natalie Foster’s vocal hooks in the chorus, being simply sublime and so freaking catchy.  Her voice is so strong and has this ability to hit a phenomenal range of notes perfectly. Its hard not to bounce along with each bounding key stroke, and I am guilty as charged at trying to hit those high pitched notes. As my housemate informs me, I cannot. Yet, that doesn’t stop me listening to ‘Naked’ on repeat in my head, and more often out loud.

An absolutely scorching new single from the band, who are playing a host of shows in and around Melbourne, and hopefully aren’t far from a whole East Coast Tour (hint: come to Sydney).

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