New Navy – Regular Town

After releasing one of the catchiest EPs of last year with ‘Uluwatu’, New Navy are back with a brand new single called ‘Regular Town‘.

After falling in love with the popular upbeat, calypso tinged tunes ‘Zimbabwe’ and ‘Tapioca’, its great to see New Navy enter back into the music foray. ‘Regular Town’ shows those same summery tropical shades, with some punchy work on the keys and  vocals teetering up the higher end of the scale. However, the cascading guitars have been majorly toned down, and instead New Navy are trying to nail that eclectic indie rock sound.It is also cool to note that touring frontman Luke O’Loughlin has officially joined the band permanently, and I for one am loving his warm melodic vocals.  With a basket of unusual percussion ‘Regular Town’ is a lot more reminiscent of Vampire Weekend, but I have to admit I quite like the new direction.

Hopefully this is the start of another exciting chapter for New Navy, with another EP or album not far away!


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