Super Magic Hats – Wind

Super Magic Hats is an experimental Melbourne producer who has been gaining notoriety with his genre defining blend of indie electo tunes, of which the latest is ‘Wind‘.

‘Wind’ is a pretty unusual song, but with so much intrigue, I admit I have grown to like it. It manages to combine a range of genres into this melodic upbeat little dance track. The guitar/banjo sound is very folky, there are some lo-fi looping harmonies, but it is all packaged into this clever indie electro tune. I admit there are times where it sounds like your CD player jammed, or that you’re playing super-mario again, but it never deviates from being easy on the ears and despite the busyness of the track, is strangely melodic.  It definitely grows on you and becomes pretty catchy.

With an EP due out early 2013, expect to hear a lot more from Super Magic Hats in the near future.


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