Dick Diver – Alice

Out of Melbourne comes the interestingly named Dick Diver, and their new relaxed indie tune, ‘Alice‘.

‘Alice’ is an addictive take on the average Aussie battler story. Its chilled, polite and just bounds along so happily and carefree with its mixture of catchy jangly guitar hooks and matter-of-fact vocals. I love the way this song manages to encompass so many little aspects of life, from toast, to goal setting, and the high price of chicken. Its one of those songs that everyone can relate to, and is delivered in such a humorous and fun living way that you cannot help but tap your toes, smile and let this warm infectious indie rock take over. A fantastic summer jam that is bound to get plenty of plays on those warm humid nights on the porch.

With the success of ‘Alice’ and their debut EP of the same name, watch out for their debut LP to be released next year. And maybe, get a little excited, because I think these guys could deliver something special.




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