Woollen Kits – Susanna

Based on latest single ‘Susanna‘, Woollen Kits are showing promising signs for their December due release of sophomore album ‘Four Girls‘.

There is so much to love about the raw 60s enthused influences of ‘Susanna’. In many ways its a return to the original foundations of indie rock, with the classic garage sounds, yet light enough to be distinguished from the heavy set rock n roll of  The Who and The Doors. Yet, Woollen Kits seem to add this additional summer surf vibe that takes the track to the next level. Woollen Kits keep it simple, but do the simple things ridiculously well in ‘Susanna’.The rippling guitar pattern throughout this track is insatiable, so catchy and cool, and when combined with the low key harmonies and steady state drumming creates a phenomenal little listen.

With their new album due out shortly, keep an eye and ear out for tour dates, as Woollen Kits are one band you should definitely catch live.


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