The Growl – Cleaver Lever

The Growl are a heavy blues rock outfit from WA who have just released a pretty rad single in ‘Cleaver Lever‘.

The Growl make music that is the perfect soundtrack for people to satisfy their vices. Its heavy, loaded with filthy guitars, and just oozes this intense ‘up yours’ attitude. In terms of genre, it sits somewhere between The Black Keys and ACDC minus the falsettos. Its one of those songs that just gets you in the zone, you can feel each drum beat pulsing through your body, and the dirty bass line just gets you pumped. An awesome psych up tune and one for any lovers of true rock. It is of no surprise that NME named these guys as some of the most exciting in the Aussie music scene.

Expect big things from The Growl in 2013.

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