The Coopers – Summer’s Child

The Coopers have just released their new track ‘Summer’s Child’, a catchy-as-hell folk pop gem that leaves you more than excited for the summer that just arrived.

The Coopers are a pretty eclectic bunch made up of two Aussies, a Greek and an Englishman, but the combination is clearly working with the guys producing a sweet music. Having already had success with their single ‘Ripples’ being picked up by UK TV show the Inbetweeners, ‘Summer’s Child’ may just seem back on the road to more success. From the opening driving beats I was hooked, but the steady entry of cascading guitars, groovy basslines and energetic harmonies has meant that I cannot get ‘Summer’s Child’ out of my head. It is so incredibly catchy, and a refreshing take on the summery pop sounds that are making a seasonal comeback. A truly infectious sound and phenomenal pop song, be sure to have a listen.

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