Tired Lion – For the Wolfman

Tired Lion are a West Australian indie rock act who’s new tune ‘For The Wolfman‘ is pretty infectious and ensured they quite rightly scored a slot at this years Homebake Festival.

I am a real fan of the slightly obscure sounds of Tired Lion as they deliver a unique indie rock sound that seems to create a niche where you thought there couldn’t be one. They seem to keep their distance well away from the pop side of things, and nurture this earthy raw vibe which combined with the low tempo really creates an edgy cautious feel to their music and sets them aside from many bands that have been floating around the scene as of late. ‘For the Wolfman’ is the prefect example, with this slow ambient build up lead by the husky chilling vocals of Sophie Hopes, before delving into this intense jamming chorus that is so unbelievably satisfying. The single also features a pretty cool B side in ‘Bright Eyes’ (for free from Unearthed) that is also well worth the listen. Both tracks are also real growers, getting better with each play, and have this amazing ability to take the edge off a busy day at work. Really cool stuff.

With their new single and Homebake success, I expect we will be hearing a lot more about Tired Lion in 2013.



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