Money For Rope – Gig review Ding Dong Lounge

It was the first day of summer, and what better way to celebrate than with a pumping gig at Ding Dong Lounge in Melbourne to watch the seductive men of Money For Rope.

Money For Rope have recently been receiving a lot of publicity due to the release of their new album, and listening to it’s raw, dirty and rockin’ sounds, there’s no doubt why. The Melbourne fellas are no strangers to performing live, having supported big name acts such as The Vasco Era and The Mess Hall, and clearly they’ve learned a thing or two on this journey of theirs.

I didn’t realise how many people had actually turned up at Ding Dong to watch these lads rock it out until I turned around from my prime front row position and noticed how everyone was packed in like sardines. I was hardly surprised, but a few times during their set they did have a few surprises in store…

As soon as they started playing, you could tell Money For Rope’s energy was going to be high voltage. Starting off with ‘Six Gun Johnny’ the lads kicked it off with some striking stage presence; they all worked the stage like a bunch of raging teens (the good kind). The crowd were definitely feeling that great vibe and were already starting to groove to that sharp beat.

There are always those voices that you fall in love with and Jules McKenzie’s vocals are the type you want to make love to. His sexy, gruff singing was extremely smoky and nothing short of an ear-gasm. I don’t think I was the only one with this opinion, with the lady next to me jumping around like crazy. I was fairly certain she was going to throw her bra on stage, but unfortunately that didn’t end up happening.

‘Ten Times’ and ‘Misery Lane’ really went off when they were played, clearly the two singles being fairly popular. As the gig continued, the crowd grew more restless and eventually one of those death circles started happening down the front. Naturally, I was the one who started it. (I actually moved toward to the side in fear when that began) It was honestly frightening stuff, but the crowd were loving the beats. Michael Cini on bass absolutely killed it, the bass lines in the songs ‘Been In The Wars’ and ‘You’ll Be Gone’ really stick out and take a prime spot in the songs rather than taking a back seat.

Something that I didn’t realise until that night was that Money For Rope have two drummers. Both Nigel Moyes and Chris Valdemarin were out there smashing it up on their kits, and I think it makes a big difference. The thick sound is definitely amplified and fills your ears by the extra drum kit.

Things also became a bit hectic when a dinosaur piñata was thrown into the audience, and when crowd surfing began. Even after finishing their last song ‘Easy Way Out’, the sweat dripping off their bodies, Money For Rope graced the crowd with one more song and ended in absolute style. At times I was afraid for my life, but it was definitely worth it to see those boys’ energy and real musical talent.

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