Q and As with Beni

Talk a little bit about the genre of ‘house’ and why you prefer to work with it compared to other styles of music. 

House is definitely a huge inspiration I guess it’s the fundamentals of dance music and is very broad.

What was the very first album you bought as a kid? 

With my own money it was Michael Jackson “Off The Wall.”

How did your love for turntables and DJ mixing come about? Was it always your dream? 

My brother snuck me into an Avalanches concert when I was 16. The next day my brother and I went and bought a pair of turntables and a mixer

Who’s your biggest music influence? 

That’s a hard one, there are so many… Quincy Jones is definitely up there.

What was it like working with such great artists such as Sam Sparrow, Nomi Ruiz (Hercules and Love Affair) and Mattie Safer (The Rapture)? Did you learn anything from them?  

It was a great experience and very fun, I guess I learnt to work better with vocalists in the studio.

What was the biggest challenge you faced on the road as a musician and DJ? 

Being away from home, sleep deprived, jetlagged and lonely at times can be a mental challenge.

In your opinion, what has been the greatest performance you’ve had so far?

I think the first festival I ever played as Riot in Belgium at Parklife was pretty amazing.

Have you ever received any bad reviews, and if so, how do you generally react to it? 

Yes I have, there are always people that are going to give you bad reviews, I just laugh it off, if they think they can do it better than why aren’t they doing it?

Does it shock you when you realise how many fans you have, who all love your music? 

Its nice, it makes you feel like all the hard work is paying off.

Have you ever had any embarrassing moments on stage or in front of another artist you liked? 

One time at Parklife I was playing on the main stage and vomited half way through my set…

Who’s an artist you would love to collaborate with, and why?

Ciara, I’m in love.

What’s next for you? Any big plans for 2013? 

My second album will be ready!

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