Vydamo – Gonna Make It

Just when you needed that new anthem to pump you up on those summer days, comes ‘Gonna Make It’ by Vydamo.

Vydamo is the side project by Jim Finn, who is better known for his part in electro outfit Art vs Science. Whilst the sound has changed dramatically, with the thumping synth baselines replaced with catchy vocal hooks and scorching keys patterns, the themes haven’t. Its an upbeat song based on the aim of every avid party goer – stay out all night, and “make it home for breakfast”. Its an awesome indie rock tune, and its recent play on the Js has been well deserved. I can assure you its been getting flogged at Aussie Playlist HQ, with ‘Gonna Make It’ one of our recent favourites.

Jim Finn is in the studio recording more songs as you read this, so get excited for 2013 and hopefully some more releases and possibly even some live shows by Vydamo.

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