Bored Nothing – Shit For Brains

Bored Nothing is the brainchild of Fergus Miller and the super chilled ‘Shit for Brains‘ lifted from his debut self-titled album is an absolute indie gem.

If you haven’t gathered from our other posts, we love fuzzed our nostalgic rock, and Bored Nothing delivers exactly that. Its calm, soft and maintains this element of rawness to it that I love. The waves of plucky guitars and gentle supporting drums create this intimate song that takes you by the hand and walks you through the low-fi wonderland of sound. Bored Nothing reminds me a little like a male Courtney Barnett or what would happen to most retro psychedelic rock bands if they chilled out even more than the usual. Regardless, ‘Shit for Brains’ is uber relaxed and pretty cool.

Be sure to give it a spin and keep your eye on this guy in 2013.


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