Allo Darlin’ – Europe

Yesterday I stumbled across indie pop band Allo Darlin’ who have produced the perfect soundtrack to a lazy summers day called ‘Europe‘.

So technically Allo Darlin’ are an international band, based in UK, largely English members, blah blah blah. However their lead singer, Elizabeth Morris, is undoubtedly Australian, and it is impossible not to love the husky Australian twang that emanates in her vocals throughout ‘Europe’. That and the fact that the song is written about Australia means regardless of technicalities, this is an Aussie tune. ‘Europe’ reminds me so much of The Waifs classic ‘London Still’, in that it has the same relaxed nature, raw acoustic set up, husky vocals and somewhat even more strangely is written about Australia when you are on the  other side of the world. It is a must for all those holiday travelers and a great tune to glide out of the stereo as you make the long journey down the South Coast for a break. Tender, calm and relaxing, its really hard not to love this mellow gem.


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