R.I.P – Aussie Bands Who Didn’t Make it to 2013

With 2013 looming, why not spare a moments though for those great Aussie bands who didn’t make it through the rigors of 2012. Whether it was because of co-member disagreements, age taking its toll or just burning out music wise, here are a handful of bands that called it quits in 2012.


Their debut album was one of the cornerstones of my CD collection, and although their next two albums didn’t reach the same heights they were still one of Australia’s most exciting live rock shows going around. Truly devastating, if only all the members could just get along. ‘Are You Gonna be My Girl’ is still one of my favourite video clips too.


I guess INXS were really the walking dead of the Australian music industry. Once gods, the band was finished with Michael Hutchence’s passing. The fact they did a talent show, scored a drug fkd Canadian, and produced a couple of weak albums is something of a blight on a band that were pretty solid in their hey day.


I guess there is some debate as to whether Pendulum truly quit, but with their future up in the air and the rise of Knife Party, it is looking that way. With some great dance tracks, they have probably been one of Australia’s most successful bands of recent years. Also their drummer looked scarily like Voldermort.

Little Red

The writing had been on the wall for what seemed like an eternity. Every member seemed to have a successful side project, and after “much deliberation” the guys finally announced they had split last week. Shock…not really. Still ‘Rock It’ was a sound song and ‘Midnight Remember’ are pretty sweet album.

Short Stack

Some people will be pleased, some will be upset. I always reckon you’re safer with the devil you know, and now they have broken up, the members have are out doing solo projects – watch out. Regardless of whether you liked the teeny pop band, some of their tunes were shamefully catchy.

The Wiggles

So The Wiggles aren’t the kind of band we usually talk about – but they did form a crucial component of our musical upbringing. With super hits such as ‘Big Red Car’ and ‘Wake Up Jeff’, you will struggle to find an Aussie from generation Y down who doesn’t know the words. If you do find one, they never had a childhood. Plus any band who can crack 25 million youtube views with a song as simple as ‘Hot Potato’ deserves an honorable mention. Good luck to the new crop of Wiggles.


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