Potato Potato – Sit and Talk

We weren’t at Falls Festival, but by all accounts Potato Potato are one band to keep a close eye on, with their song ‘Sit and Talk‘ being something out of the top drawer.

Potato Potato hail from the North Coast of NSW and are fronted by a whimsically beautiful set of lungs belonging to Merryn Boller. ‘Sit and Talk’ walks you through this gorgeous cloud of dreamy roots pop, combining Boller’s enchanting vocals with delicately delivered acoustic guitar and keys sounds. Citing Bon Iver as an influence, it is easy to see some resemblance to the deepness and emotion of that is synonymous with their last couple of albums.  If their isn’t enough to love about ‘Sit and Talk’ on sound alone, the deepness of their songwriting is just another marvel. The way that Potato Potato  deliver not just calm endearing sounds but tell you a story in such detail is a real talent, and only highlights the potential these guys have.

Please do check them out on their Unearthed Page, you will not regret it.

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