Love Junkies – Oxymoron

Shooting out of Perth is the threesome known as the Love Junkies and their song with the coolest name of the year so far ‘Oxymoron‘.

In our opinion whoever can make a play on the term junkies and subtly reference Australia’s most widely abused drug Oxycodone (FACT – google it) along with the term moron  is making music that you should probably take note of. Puns and pharmacology aside, ‘Oxymoron’ is a bit of a genre blending track, showing shades of Nirvana with the heavy and grunge tinged bass riffs, yet opens with more of a plucky garage indie sound. Needless to say it will have even the mildest of air guitar enthusiasts rocking out. In short, its a pretty cool rock tune to start off the year.

With their debut album ‘Maybellene’ set to drop shortly, expect to hear a fair bit more of the Love Junkies before the year is out.

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