Q and As with Cub Scouts

One of the more exciting acts of 2012, we caught up with the Cub Scouts just before they reached global domination. If this interview is anything to go by 2013 could be even more interesting for the band! 

Start off by giving us a brief history about how you guys met, and formed Cub Scouts.

Most of us went to school together or knew each other through school people. I had written some songs an wanted to play them with a full band. We played shows for a while and did some recording. Towards the end of 2011, we kind of shuffled things around, lost a member and started a new project, which is when Cub Scouts started.


How exactly did the name Cub Scouts come about?

Sam came up with it. I think it’s got something to do with us looking young or something.


What genre would you describe your music is? And what’s the appeal of it to you guys?

Pop or Indie/Pop or something. The appeal of it is that it’s a pretty fun genre, so it’s easy to enjoy playing it!


Who is your biggest music inspiration?

It changes too often to think of one person. Our producer John Castle is pretty inspiring though!


Did you ever predict that Cub Scouts would receive such a great reaction all around Australia? How does it feel?

No, not at all. It feels weird and good.


What’s something you’ve learnt whilst travelling around Australia on your tour?

Australia is a cool place and it’s hard I stay healthy without sleeping/eating properly.


What’s your favourite part about being a part of the music industry?

When things go well!


What’s the best performance you’ve had so far?

Probably our home town show in Brisbane on our most recent tour, it was really funny and good!


Does it ever get difficult being in a band? Ever have any fights between each other or is it always rainbows and butterflies?

It can be difficult at times, but not with each other. We haven’t fought at all yet, it’s a pretty amazing group of people to always be with. Zoe and Dan have physical fights every single tour we go on and it’s the best.


Who’s the most famous band/musician you’ve met?

Probably Lesley Feist!


Ever had an embarrassing moment in front of an audience or a band you really like? If so, what happened?

Something kind of embarrassing happened backstage at Laneway this year but I can’t really say or I’ll get in trouble haha


Where would you like to see yourselves, to see Cub Scouts, in 5 years time?

Hopefully living off the band with a few albums under our belts!


What are the plans for the future? 2013 looking big?

We’ve got lots of plans that we can’t really share yet, but it’s looking like it’s gonna be a giant version of 2012.


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