The Khanz – Hope You’re Not Far

Sydney indie rockers The Khanz have been on the rise as of late, and their latest tune ‘Hope You’re Not Far’ is sure to keep the momentum going.

‘Hope You’re Not Far’ builds on the same strong and unique vocals of Themba Thompson, with a slow delicate intro before kicking into a pretty bouncy and jangly indie rock number. The self proclaimed similarities to Vampire Weekend are still there (although less intense as Prescription Culture), but  the big step up is the breezy electric melodies layered over the top. I was loving the tune before hand, but when that sweet synth slid in over the top, it gave me a new sense of satisfaction.

So catchy, ‘Hope You’re Not Far’ is a song that easily grows on you with every listen, and a ripper of a track to take The Khanz into 2013.

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