Tully on Tully – Stay (feat. Hayden Calnin)

Tully on Tully were the Melbourne band that blew us away before Christmas with ‘Naked‘, and now they are back with a super cool new tune called ‘Stay‘.

Natalie Foster’s vocals alone are pretty phenomenal, so add the equally impressive mellow tones of Hayden Calnin and you have a track with almost unfathomable vocal power and charm. The backing instrumentation is equally fantastic, with a good arrangement of earthy percussion, high hat work, and dreamy guitar overlays. ‘Stay’ is a track that just comes together so well, and whilst not as intense as ‘Naked’, provides a pretty charming listen for the ears. We can’t get enough of it!

Two singles down, Tully on Tully are promising the goods for their debut album released later this year.

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