Jagwa Ma – The Throw

Having been huge fans of 2011 release ‘Come and Save Me’, Jagwa Ma’s latest tune ‘The Throw‘ is not only overdue but also overly awesome.

‘The Throw ‘ kicks off with a quiet little before building progressively into a fantastic concoction of psychedelic waning guitars, breezy vocals and suppressed tribal beats. In many ways ‘The Throw’ is like a slightly more electro Tame Impala, with the two bands definitely sharing the same chilled vibes and psychedelic traits. I particularly love the way that mid-way through, the intensity and backing rhythm undergoes a complete morph from breezy jungle beats to more electro bass heavy synthesised rhythms. It is just one of those songs, that grabs you instantly, but by the time you’re finished listening to it its hard to pinpoint every aspect of the track you have just heard. An absolutely rad track that has us very excited for their next big release!


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