The Khanz – Wolves

Sydney’s The Khanz are fast becoming one of our favourite rising artists with their host of awesome upbeat eclectic indie tunes, and now a pretty rad music video for new tune ‘Wolves‘.

Wolves is a pretty cool track for a variety of reasons. Firstly, I love the subcontinental vibe the quartet are giving off, with the high pitched keys and bouncing guitars, they have pretty much indie-fied traditional Indian music. I also cannot get enough of the vocals, they are so removed, dry and unusual they just posses this appeal that makes every vocal stand out and really hit the spot. The video features the band in a host of sheep suits (one-sies is the technical term), strutting their stuff on the hill, roadtripping, and generally vibing through the streets of Sydney. In short its pretty rad, and the whole experience is sure to have you asking, “Where my wolves at?”

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