The Lazy Calm – Petrol, Paint and Glue

The Lazy Calm were formally the indie electro gods known as Tim and Jean, but after Jean quit, a rename took place. Luckily, that didn’t spell the end for the band and now The Lazy Calm’s second single ‘Petrol, Paint and Glue’ has been released on the world.

Unlike first single ‘Where Are You Going Now’ and most of the Tim and Jean catalogue, ‘Petrol, Paint and Glue’ is perhaps a little less dreamy 80s electro and a little more indie rock. The pulsing drum beats and hi-hat work are a little more pronounced and there is definitely less synth sliding its way through the track than usual. The multiple vocals and backing vocals add a fantastic new dimension to the tune. I admit I am a real fan of the new direction The Lazy Calm appear to be moving, with the smooth, chilled sounds of ‘Petrol, Paint and Glue’ doing great things for my ears and my mood.

Also, if you didn’t pick up from the non-English backing vocals, The Lazy Calm have been active in helping out the indigenous community and actually filmed the video clip for Petrol, Paint and Glue with help from the community. Both the song and accompanying video clip are certainly inspiring and leave you feeling pretty good.

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