The Lions Children – She Knows

Hailing from The Gold Coast are the indie poppers known as The Lions Children, who have released a catchy as hell tune called ‘She Knows‘.

‘She Knows’ is a lively tune that has you instinctively tapping your toes, with a great mix of jangly guitars and bouncing beats. I am a big fan of the vocal interplay between the two singers, which really helps to give that track that extra bout of oomph to. The fact that the lyrics also make a load of sense is just a bonus, and I admit I was probably getting a little too happy singing along to the usually edgy story regarding a cheating boyfriend. The influences by Grouplove and The Jungle Giants are evident, but I cannot get enough of ‘She Knows’ and The Lions Children’s upbeat indie pop sound.

For a debut tune, ‘She Knows’ is awesome, and has me thinking The Lions Children are promising big things…

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