The Drones – How To See Through Fog

Melbourne’s The Drones have returned with their new single ‘How To See Through Fog’ off their impending 6th Studio album ‘I See Seaweed’.

Everybody loves a bit of mid tempo, blues soaked, reverb dominated rock, and luckily ‘How To See Through Fog’ delivers just that. Its a fantastic emotional tune dominated by heavy beats, piercing keys and distorted guitars. It’s the kind of track that is so deep and haunting, you can feel the air get heavier with every listen and leaves your hair firmly pricked. There is so much to love about ‘How To See Through Fog’, and you pick up on more intricate touches with every listen (such as the door knocking). A cracking tune that engulfs you from the moment the first note hits your ears, and entertains you long afterwards.

Yeah, its safe to say The Drones are back and delivering the goods – New album ‘I See Seaweed’ is out March 1st.

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