Big Scary – Phil Collins

Melbourne’s favourite indie rock duo, Big Scary, have returned with their new single ‘Phil Collins‘ from their impending debut LP ‘Not Art‘.

Big Scary have gained a reputation for makign music that is so tender, delicate and soft on the ears, it is hard not to develop a little bit of affection for Tom and Jo. ‘Phil Collins’ is no exception to this rule, and uses a great mix of slow brooding guitars, poignant vocals and deep timpanic drumming that should provide some inference as to where the song gets its name. Its the kind of music that you can sit down and listen to for hours, particularly on a rainy day. In many ways you could imagine ‘Phil Collins’ sitting right on the Winter or Autumn EPs Big Scary previously released, but I’m pretty excited for a full length album.

Bring on ‘Not Art’!!!

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