PBS Live Drive Review

Earlier this month, we were lucky enough to visit the charming yet edgy PBS studios in Collingwood during their famous Drive Live week. With a gorgeous little bar set up, the good times were set to roll and the bands were definitely of a high standard. A rockin’ week was set to begin! I was lucky enough to see two days of spectacular and talented musicians strut their stuff in the studios.


Pikelet – A great to start to a Monday night and a great start to Drive Live! Pikelet set the atmosphere for the day’s show, a cool and calm vibe washing over the audience who were peeking in through the glass of Studio 1. The pumping bass sounds and smooth synth worked well together, Evelyn Morris’ echoing vocals adding the cherry on top. Also spotted watching the performance was Nick Allbrook from Tame Impala and a member from the band Pond, which is definitely an indication of the quality of bands playing.

The Townhouses – Another beautiful set, as Leigh Hannah took control of the studio and let his magic ease out through the speakers and out to all of the radio listeners. Leigh put so many unique and interesting sounds together, which complimented each other in harmony and in style. A quiet hush took over the audience as we all listened intently to The Townhouses cleverly put together sounds. Great beats and ear-perfect music.

NO ZU – The calm didn’t last for long, when NO ZU hit the stage (studio). Their energy was outstanding; you could feel their energy blasting from the speakers. The combination of experimental and funk sounds make your feet tap and a few people even got up to dance as NO ZU blasted out their wild and new-age sound. The trumpet created a classy element, the brass blending with the two vocalists and many percussion instruments. These provided thick sound and a thumping dance beat. I could see the sweat dripping down their face as they jumped around in the studio, their energy and output just energising the whole station. A wonderful end to a spectacular day of music and talent.


Pony Face – A new day called for a new line up of awesome musicians and also a very different crowd compared to Monday’s.  Pony Face kicked off the day with the strong and edgy beats. Simon Bailey’s deep and husky voice took the listeners on a smooth yet captivating journey as the lads hit it up in the studio. The smell of beer was in the air as the audience watched on in awe at Pony Face’s relaxed state and chill music.

The Hello Morning – The 6 piece rock and roll band from Melbourne looked a little bit cramped in the studio as Steven Clifford’s husky yet dreamy vocals enchanted the listeners. Together with the band, their group performance was captivating as Steven’s voice pulled you in with clear emotion.

Brothers Grim – Possibly the most energetic performance I have seen in a while! Brothers Grim rocked it inside the studio, with lead singer James Grim moving around with such exhilaration. His vocals did not strain under the extreme movement, instead they enlarged and heightened due to the energy. At one point James jumped up against the glass, facing the audience and made faces. It was very exciting and very entertaining. They were a band of entertainment with music that excites. The earthy and husky tones of James Grim blend with the rest of the band as the delta-blues style works so well together. A band of not only talent, but of complete fun and a thrill to watch.

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