Gig Review – First Degree Tour at Uni of Wollongong

Kicking off the night was The Griswolds who’s energetic live show never fails to disappoint. Loud, upbeat and showing off the kind of stage presence that leaves you wondering why they are still opening shows for other people, they delivered a pretty awesome set. ‘Heart of a Lion’ went off, the freshers loved it, and were pretty keen for the night to kick on.

Drapht came out and did his thing.  Not a huge hip-hop fan, but credit where credit is due, the man did his thing well. I was pretty surprised by how many of his songs I knew, and may have even had a bit of a head bop going at one point.

The next act where Strangetalk who blew me away with their set. Having listened to Strangetalk a bit and knowing the classic crowd favourites ‘Climbing Walls’ and ‘Eskimo Boy’ I was amazed at how well the guys made their sound come through live, it was so much rockier than the albums. They danced, they sang and had the girls swooning of every word. The guys were really energetic and really fun, and had everyone well and truly pumped for The Last Dinosaurs.

With supports like the above, it was going to be a hell of a show for the Last Dinosaurs to outdo them. But rising to the occasion, they rocked it.  ‘Andy’ made a pretty early appearance and the crowd formed what could only be described as a washing machine of death when the slightly heavier ‘Zoom’ came on. Add some crowd surfing and another stellar rip through their debut album playing the favourites ‘Weekend’, ‘Honolulu’ and ‘Time and Place’ and the boys genuinely earned the encore they got. Treating us to a song that I have not heard before – nonetheless it was a pretty rad night that left all in the mood to kick on (which we did)…


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