Kathryn Rollins – Reckless

Following on from her catchy debut single ‘Who Shot The Bird Down’, WA songstress Kathryn Rollins has returned with her equally soulful second single ‘Reckless‘.

The song features the once more powerful vocals of Kathryn Rollins which drives this song through its paces. Lyrically deep and with quite the emotional tinge to the vocals, the lightness of the backing instrumentation creates a strange atmosphere to the track. On the one hand you’re drawn into this heavy story, yet the light drum patterns and jazz infused swagger give ‘Reckless’ a real element of coolness. It’s a real grower, and its touch of class suggests that it is best served with a good red and good company. Two singles in and I’m pretty keen to see the first full release from this promising singer/songwriter.

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