Asta – I Need Answers

Triple Js hottest unearthed star, Asta, has returned with her 3rd single aptly named ‘I Need Answers‘.

Featuring a slightly more low-fi electro vibe than her previous numbers, ‘I Need Answers’ opens up with an acoustic vibe before kicking into a truly synth pop dominated tune. Once again, Asta’s hazy, crisp vocals are a highlight, lifting this track up and aiding it to amble so nicely through its paces. Although lacking the lyrical complexity and punchiness of her breakthrough single ‘Heart is On Fire’, ‘I Need Answers’ does show Asta is developing her sound towards a slightly more electro leaning, showing similarities to other Aussie singer/songwriters such as Andy Bull and Tara Simmons. Nonetheless, ‘I Need Answers’ is hitting the spot and only amping the hype in the lead up to Asta’s first EP/Album release.

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