The Son – More Fire

Tom Piper (aka The Son) has combined forces with Jake and Stav from Bluejuice to create the incredible new single ‘More Fire’.

Those expecting a bluejuice tinged sound featuring some upbeat jazzy pop tunes, will be surprised but not disappointed by ‘More Fire’ which verges very close to being considered rap music. ‘More Fire’ uses a near-rap delivery of some aggressive lyrics, backed by a heavy synth that means its going to be quite the hit on the dance floor and the late night house party. It reminds me a little of a more toned down Prodigy, with the lyrics slightly reminiscent of a Plan B number, yet despite the intensity it remains quite catchy. With a pretty rad videoclip and host of other cool remixes available on soundcloud (for free), The Son has definitely announced himself onto the scene.

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