Fushia – Pilot

Brisbane boys Fushia released the upbeat pop rock EP ‘Open Invite‘ last year, and have now followed up with the catchy new single ‘Pilot‘.

Describing ‘Pilot’ as your “Sunday morning hangover cure”, Fushia have replaced their intense cascading guitars and raging drums present on their debut EP, with a more layered and delicate mixture of slide guitars and dainty piano melodies. Likewise, the vocals also progress to suit the slower nature of ‘Pilot’ and really allow Ryan Nebauer’s vocals to shine through. This track gives off a fair few Ben Folds vibes, I think largely due to the acoustic piano. Nonetheless, ‘Pilot’ really makes your ears melt. With more music set for release in 2013, the aptly named ‘Pilot’ shows promising signs for Fushia, as the guys continue to hone and develop their sound.



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