Jeremy Neale – In Stranger Times

Jeremy Neale hails from a garage in Brisbane, and has just released the low-fi reverb driven pop gold number ‘In Stranger Times‘ featuring Go Violets.

Jeremy Neale is perhaps better known of late for fronting the viscous 12 piece fuzz rock outfit, Velociraptor, and you can definitely hear some similar vibes running into ‘In Stranger Times’. Obviously, the fact that the vocals sound identical is assured, but it is clear Jeremy Neale has a love for fuzzy, reverb tinged garage sounds. It is also apparent that Neale is a pretty relaxed guy, and the chilled nature of ‘In Stranger Times’ with its more than a hint of slacker-rock vibes doing good things for both my ears and my mind. Yeah, and the term garage rock royalty and Neale is also been thrown around a fair bit. I get the feeling it’s a pretty appropriate adjective, ‘In Stranger Times’ is the goods.

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