Arcade Made – Shoot The Pricks

Brisbane outfit Arcade Made have just released their latest fun and catchy single ‘Shoot The Pricks’.

Arcade Made have managed to articulate what every person dreams to say and just can’t, in their radically potty mouth infused track ‘Shoot The Pricks’. Aside from the jocular and catchy lyrics, the guys have developed a tune that is also incessantly catchy. Opening with steady droning vocals backed by the acoustic guitar, ‘Shoot The Pricks’ builds progressively into driving number with a hi hat crashing, guitar waning, slightly angsty feel. Then the chorus hits and you cannot help but bellow out the “Shoot the pricks, Fuck the Chicks…” refrain whilst rocking back in your chair and playing some pretty sexy air guitar. ‘Shoot The Pricks’ is just one of those songs that you cannot help but develop a man crush on…it is overtly satisfying.



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