The Love Junkies – Maybelene

Having already caught our attentions with their catchy single ‘Oxymoron‘, WAs The Love Junkies are back with their new single ‘Maybelene‘.

Opening with an interesting mix of vocals, horns and what sounds like roosters, ‘Maybelene’ has a really bouncy circus vibe to it. It is certainly something different and reminds me a little of UK band The Holloways in its fun and eclectic nature, and a bit Queens of The Stone Age in its edginess . Aside from all the odd and attention grabbing noises,  I am a sucker for grungy vocals, but it is the crunching bass riffs that make this track. Its heavy and just grinds away your ears in such a tantalizingly enjoyable way. Two singles and two winners, I reckon The Love Junkies are one to watch in 2013.


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